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Import Programs

The implementation of our import programs
are designed to maximize duty savings, enhance
compliance and to expedite Customs clearance
through the use of:

Special Trade Preference Programs (GSP, NAFTA, etc.).
Binding Rulings.
Bonded Warehouse Entries & Withdrawals Protests.
Pre-Classification Programs.
Pre-Filing of Entries.
Importer Compliance Monitoring Program (“ICMP”).
Automated Clearing House (“ACH”).
International Banking Guidelines.

ClearPoint International can assist importers to develop a tailor made import process manual outlining the specific responsibility and requirements for each department within the organization such as: shipping; receiving; accounting-finance; purchasing; engineering; sales; legal; and imports. The import process manual will guide importers on how to:

Value merchandise.
Classify merchandise.
Determine country of origin and marking.
Respond to government inquiries.
Receive merchandise.
Verify special classification provisions such as NAFTA, GSP, 9801, etc.
Implement audit and reviewing methodologies.
Maintain records, and.
Train staff and personnel.