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Customs Clearance

Our customs services focus on the compliance, release, and reporting needs of the marketplace. Entries are rapidly cleared through our ABI computer link with U.S. Customs. As your customs broker, upon receiving notice of the scheduled arrival, we will prepare and check all documents for accuracy and completeness, classify the shipment, obtain the Customs release, the freight release, any special visa or restriction clearances (i.e. Dept. of Agriculture, FCC, FDA, EPA, ATF etc.) and arrange the delivery of the freight to your desired location.

ClearPoint International can assist your needs to file the following types of entries:

Formal Entries.
Informal Entries.
Visa / Quota Clearance.
Sectioned Entries.
American Goods Returned.
Temporary Importations.
In-Bond / Transportation &
Bonded Warehouse Entries &
US Mail / Re-mail Entries.
Overtime Clearances.
Pre-Arrival Filings.

Border Clearances