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Section 321

Effective Thursday, March 10, 2016, most shipments of merchandise imported into the U.S. by one person on one day having a fair retail value not exceeding $800 will be eligible for Section 321 (non-dutiable) release.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or any U.S. government agency that regulates specific commodities (APHIS,TTB, FDA, EPA, Fish & Wildlife and others) can require an examination and a formal entry on any U.S. import shipment regardless of the value. Antidumping/countervailing entries as well as quota-class merchandise are not eligible for SEC 321 releases.

For Section 321 entries, the Manifest or Master Airway Bill can carry goods up to $9,999 in value with multiple houses (consignees), each house not to exceed $800 in value. A single consignee cannot bring in multiple shipments per day over the $800 threshold.

Once the master bill arrives at the designated airlines, goods will, be transferred to a Bonded warehouse, where the Sections will be filed and each package awaits CBP release. Once released by Customs, the packages are than released to the designated carrier (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, Ontrac) for pickup and delivery to the ultimate consignee.

  • • Transfer master airway bill from the airlines to our Bonded Warehouse
  • • Transmit manifest information for each package to CBP
  • • Breakdown all packages in the manifest
  • • Upon Customs clearance, release packages to designated carrier, UPS. USPS, FEDEX

Please click here for a template of the manifest data needed to be transmitted to CBP for Section clearances: